Costa Rica Property: Americans Are Buying In Record Numbers – Why?

Costa Rica Property

More Americans than ever are buying Costa Rica property – holiday homes, investment property and retirement homes and more will follow suit.

Why? Because they can get great capital growth and a lifestyle and costs are up to 70% less than at home and Costa Rica is just a 3-hour flight away!
There are numerous advantages lets look at them.

1. Costs & Returns on Property

Costa Rica Property costs up to 70% less than in the US and with the bonus capital growth potential of 100% or more in just a few years.

This market is established and the weight of investment and number of migrants coming means that there will be great gains to be had in the future.

In addition, the rental income market is booming allowing income and capital growth on Costa Rica property.

2. Cost of living

It is 70% less than in the US and you can live comfortably on just $2,000 a month – you get more for your money in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

3. Living and retiring in Costa Rica

Baby boomers are waking up to the fact that they can’t maintain their standard of living at home. Soaring medical costs less state support and inflation mean that they can’t maintain their standard of living in the US.

So their traveling to Costa Rica and getting medical costs that far are cheaper, a standard of living that is cheaper and no tax on social security checks.
Here, money goes a lot further. By buying Costa Rica real estate you simply live better on less.View more related information on this link.

4. All the comforts of home

Of course, you could go to Vietnam or other far off destinations and live in a different environment, but in Costa Rica you can mix with the locals who are friendly, or you can stay within the large expat community.

Because the expat community is so large, all the entertainment shops and services you get at home are available to and you’re still just a 3-hour flight from home.

5. Buying Property or Living is easy

Buying Costa Rica property is easy, you get the same rights as residents and living is also easy to arrange. Costa Rica wants migrants and investment, so they make it simple and straightforward.
If you are investing or wanting to set up a business, tax advantages are also generous.

6. Small diverse and something for everyone
Costa Rica is safe, stable and serious crime is almost non existent.

Costa Rica Property

The pace of life is simply more relaxed. You also get variety from pristine beaches to volcanoes, rolling hills, rainforest and the Pacific and Caribbean, in one of the top ten adventure tourism spots on earth.

Add up the advantages and there just 3 hours away!
Buying Costa Rica property enables you to make huge gains on your investment, as well as fantastic rental income and if you live or retire here you get a lifestyle that is second to none at a cheaper cost.

Buying Costa Rica real estate and you are buying a slice of paradise which is affordable with something for everyone in terms of lifestyle, at a cost you can afford and for investment purposes it delivers stunning gains with low risk!

Costa Rica property is just 3 hours away discover it and you will be glad you did.