Costa Rica Retirement can give you a wonderful retirement life

Are you planning to spend a grand retired life? Are you planning to spend the retired life sitting all the day in front of a blue ocean? Getting a spa massage on Tamarindo Beach? Then you must consider immigrating to Costa Rica after retiring. The country has a lot to offer – a grand lifestyle, a suitable cost index to live, and most importantly a serene landscape. So, if you are approaching your retirement and you have planned already to spend your after-retirement life in Costa Rica, then here are some important tips and facts for you –

• On the first place, you need to arrange the immigration to Costa Rica. Actually, the students get the immigration in the easiest way through student’s visa. But you need to apply for a long-term visa to immigrate there.

• To acquire a long term visa to Costa Rica, you need to go to the nearest Costa Rican embassy to your place. You can apply for the visa online too. After you applied for the visa, you will be given an appointment at the embassy. There, you need to submit all the necessary documents asked by the embassy. Apart from that, you need to go through an interview session. You will obtain the visa shortly if you have impressed the embassy officials during the interviews.

• The second way to immigrate there is through the work permits. Now, obtaining a work permit directly to Costa Rica can be pretty difficult. So it will be a wiser thing if you are working for an MNC and get a transfer to Costa Rican branch of the company. In that case, it will be the duty of your company to arrange the work permit for you.

• You can apply for the citizenship of Costa Rica under certain provisions. With citizenship, you can invest in real estate in Costa Rica. After residing there for some time, check if you are eligible for the citizenship or not.