Top 3 Benefits To Retiring In Costa Rica

Costa Rica

While many companies boast having the best, most affordable solution to retire in Costa Rica, the reality of it all is that very few can actually deliver. That’s because they are too concerned with making a buck rather than providing you with tangible, useful information on the benefits to retiring in Costa Rica.

But where do we begin?

Let’s first start by talking about the security…

1. One of the benefits to retiring in Costa Rica is the fact that the country has been without a military for over 60 years. In that time, Costa Rica has become a beacon of peace throughout Central America and in many ways… the entire world.

Evidence of this track record lies in the very fact that in 1987, then President of the Republic, Oscar Arias Sanchez, was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for his pivotal role in bringing peace to the regions throughout Central America during a time of civil unrest.

2. Secondly, is the cost of living. When considering retiring in Costa Rica, one has to think about the quality of life they can live given their fixed income level. Here is where retirement in Costa Rica really shines. For a mere fraction of the cost of life back home (approximately 1/2), retirees can enjoy a higher standard of living that is supportive of healthier and longer life cycles as determined by the HPI in 2009.

3. Thirdly, is the climate. The country sits at 8-9 degrees from the equator. The beauty is the many “micro climates” whereas one could be enjoying themselves at the beach while soaking up the sun and surf – yet return to their homes in the mountains where they can comfortably fall asleep wrapped up in their favorite duvet. The Central Valley, where the capital city of San Jose is, has been said to have the perfect climate for retirees. With an average yearly temperature of 22C or 72F, the Central Valley appeals too many considering retiring in Costa Rica.Learn detailed updates at

Year after year, Costa Rica Property has remained atop the preferred retirement destinations in the world and shows no sign of slowing.

As the popularity rises, so does the demand for activities and amenities for retirees to enjoy. In the spirit of that, Costa Rican businesses have begun to open their eyes to the opportunities a large expat retirement community can bring.

Only a few years back, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere outside of the Central Valley, to bang a few balls. Golf has since exploded in popularity with many Costa Rica retirement communities opting to have onsite links with many well-known golf course architects like Jack Nicholas, Robert Trent Jones Jr. and even Arnold Palmer designing courses throughout the country.
The most up-and-coming trend in retirement, is the option of vacation rentals.

A consideration among some retirees is how feasible it is to rent out their home while globetrotting elsewhere. For this reason, many retirement communities offer in-house Costa Rica vacation rental services and Tamarindo real estate.

This helps offset the costs while also helping maintain the property while you’re busy flying around the world visiting other exotic destinations.
In recent months, a fantastic opportunity has opened up along the shores of Playa Hermosa near Jaco in the Central Pacific. The project is called Villa Bella.

Costa Rica

What makes this a great opportunity is quite simply… the price!

Priced at an incredible $140,000 for a 2-bedroom beachfront villa in a gated community, Villa Bella is bringing back times when we all wished we’d bought real estate here – the boom years.

Can you imagine relaxing on your rooftop patio overlooking one of the country’s most pristine black volcanic sand beaches while the sun sets into the Pacific?

This is what dreams are made of – make your dream a reality today and make the move to retire in Costa Rica.